Absenteeism Report 2018

Causes, consequences and cures

NHS Digital recently reported an increase in sickness absence across NHS England, up from 4.25% in October 2017 to 5.03% in January 2018.


And with absence costing the UK £18 billion (a figure that is set to rise to £21 billion in 2020 and £26 billion in 2030), that’s a massive impact on NHS services, that are already spread thin - on both staffing resource and investment.


So, what can the NHS do to keep their nurses, doctors and support staff healthy and happy? And what do HR leaders across the UK think about absence, it’s consequences, causes and cures?


For our latest report, we surveyed 300 HR professionals, interviewed CIPDs senior policy adviser, and talked to some of our own experts. We brought their insights together into our latest report to explore:


  • The role of the workplace environment
  • Practical ways businesses can and should react to absence
  • Holiday and flexitime
  • The role of technology
  • The trends you need to understand

 The Absenteeism Report in a portrait tablet