Manager Essentials: five things managers need to know when managing people

On-demand webinar

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Join our webinar and discover five things managers need to know when managing people.


In this 30 minute webinar, Pat Ashworth focuses on  the five things that managers need to know when managing people.


Based around the following five themes, Pat will provide practical hints and tips, as well insightful anecdotes, that you can take away and implement:


  1. Providing clarity
  2. Managing yourself
  3. The importance of listening
  4. Understanding your people
  5. Managing the ‘tough stuff’

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Who is Pat Ashworth?
Pat is a Learning and Development specialist and facilitator with over 25 years’ experience in coaching and developing people in both the public and private sectors and has an extensive track record in Talent Management, Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Mental Health and Well Being.

Pat works with senior leaders and managers on a one to one and group basis and specialises in helping to develop their leadership skills and to maximise performance.


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