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Whether it’s support for routine people matters such as sickness, conduct and performance, or understanding the impact of COVID-19 on your business, you have unlimited access to our team of experts.


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We provide you with expert HR advice at an affordable price.


There's no limit to the number of times you can call on us for support and we focus on quality of advice and outcome, not speed of case resolution or call talk time.

Our HR professionals won't tell you what you can’t do, they seek to understand your preferred outcome and present you with balanced choices, each with associated risks.



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From the smallest companies


AdviserPlus has one of the largest HR talent pools in the country and supports over 22,000 SMEs throughout the UK.

Our team opens over 125,000 cases every year across a variety of sectors covering the whole employee life-cycle.

We support people to make the best decisions for their businesses, ensuring they can manage their people matters with confidence.


To the largest corporates


AdviserPlus has many large corporate clients from high street banks to well-known retailers.

As an SME you'll benefit from the same excellent service that big name brands consistently choose.

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Our promises to you




There's no limit to the number of conversations you can have with our HR advisers and we focus on quality of advice and outcome, not speed of case resolution or call talk time.



Our HR professionals won’t tell you what you can’t do, they seek to understand your preferred outcome and present you with balanced options, each with associated risks.



Our pricing is 100% transparent so no hidden surprises. We never ask you to sign up for more than 12 months - choose to pay monthly or annually, all at a competitive price.

How we can help a business like yours

Helping you navigate COVID-19
The coronavirus, or COVID-19, has placed huge challenges on employers to adapt their businesses and support employees. Our advisers are experts in how employers should respond, including how to adapt current working practises (including the COVID recovery plan, home working, annual leave and supporting vulnerable or shielding employees); paying sick pay to sick or self-isolating employees and steps you can take for your business (including protecting your business and staff and reviewing your policies).

No one ever wants to go through a redundancy situation but sometimes it’s necessary. Our advisers are experts in the redundancy process and our team can guide you through any complexities arising, such as establishing the business case, the need to consult and the impact of employees who are pregnant or on maternity / adoption / shared parental leave.

Contracts of Employment
Failing to issue your staff a contract, having out-of-date contracts or trying to make changes without following the proper process puts your business at risk. Our HR advisers can support you in creating, maintaining or varying your contracts, reducing risk and saving you time.
Sickness absence
Sickness absence is estimated to cost businesses over £500 per employee per year, and not managing this properly can cause the costs to spiral. AdviserPlus helps you manage absence issues and stop the costs rising for your business.
Mental Health
Mental health accounts for 1 in 4 absences and can be daunting to manage. Our advisers coach you in managing these difficult conversations so you can support your staff in the best way possible and ensure you’ve got happy and productive employees.